Father’s Day

When a parent goes to prison, it can have a devastating effect on the family left behind to cope with the aftermath. One of every 12 American children, more than 5.7 million kids under age 18, will experience parental incarceration at some point during their lives. Making Connections This month most of us will be […]


Overwhelmed with grace.

The magnitude of the opportunity they have been given has started to set in and many of the inmates are beginning to ask God “Why Me? What did I do to deserve to be in this program?” Gathering together at night, they talk about being overwhelmed by a sense of grace and responsibility having been […]


Operation Transformation

Changing the culture of our prisons and communities. The first 23 men enrolled in our program will complete their freshman year this May and applications for enrollment for year two have gone out! The change we anticipated to see within our prisons as this program positively impacts the lives of inmates has begun and we excited to share some […]