Operation Transformation:

An in-prison college campus to transform inmates, prisons, families and communities.


The Initiative to reduce crime and improve communities, starting with gatekeepers in prison.

Every community has gatekeepers. They have significant influence over the cultural norms of their community. They play the most influential role in changing community norms for good or for bad.
In impoverished communities, some of the most influential gatekeepers are the individuals or groups who organize and perpetuate crime. If you want to dramatically change struggling communities, you start with those gatekeepers.


WIEA’s 2017 initiative is built on a proven system to transform gatekeepers whose influence is rooted in criminal activity. Change starts in prisons and spreads to families and communities around the state.


The American corrections systems are in crisis, as are the American neighborhoods that are being suffocated by criminal activity. Operation Transformation will be one of the greatest catalysts for change in our generation.

The proven transformation of inmates and the impact of this program in families and communities is nothing short of amazing.

Please keep reading to learn what this initiative is, why it is needed, how it works and what you can do to help.

We need you with us.


What is Operation Transformation?

Operation Transformation is a collaboration among  IEA, the Department of Corrections, and Trinity International University to establish a new Trinity campus within Waupun Correctional Institution. This campus will provide a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program for inmates serving either many years or life sentences. The curriculum requires at least four years of study. Upon graduation, these men become “field mentors” and transfer to other prisons around the state to mentor other inmates.